New recording option: Now that Gcast is charging for calling in podcast, you may want to consider Vocaroo, a free alternative. Although Vocaroo will not call you, you can easily record to it . Check out the Vocaroo Website and give it a try. You just record and when it's done, you click the "post to Internet" and it gives you an embed code and link. Have fun! Here's a great blog post byLee Kolbert w/ several Vocaroo's made by other teachers telling how they think it can be useful in the classroom.


We are currently scheduling training sessions on how to use Glogster with wikis in the classroom. Email Suzan or Jeff if you would like to set up a training/planning session. We will even come and help teach your classes!

Have you signed up for CPS Boot Camp? If not, it is not too late! Watch your email for CPS training dates and times. Make sure you check ou the new CPS websitedesigned to help you with finding resources you need. Contact Jeff or Suzan if you have content you would like to add. Other resources can be found at the eInstruction website, including online help and downloads. The Clicker Girls are now on Twitter. Follow Roxanne, @clickergirl, for more news and updates.

Boot Camp Handout for Verbal Mode
Complete Handout for CPS Units

One of the most common questions we are getting right now is What IS Twitter? Watch the CommonCraft video below to get a better idea of what Twitter is. Think about how you can use Twitter to grow your PLN (professional learning network). Additional information regarding Twitter and how it may benifit you as a teacher and your classroom, check out the ClassroomTweets wiki.

You can follow @SuzanBrandt or @jrichardson30for daily updates on what is happening with Hoover technology. Follow @hooverschools for district updates and news. You can check out the Twitter4Teachers wiki to find teachers around the world to follow that you may have something in common with. The list is broken down by subject areas. CommonSense provides information for teachers and parents. check the CommonSense website for additonal information as well.

To see videos previously highlighted in our Featured Video section, click here.


Click here for Web Tools Links and handout

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